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how to make pan cakes


HOW TO MAKE PANCAKES? Pancakes are one of the easiest recipe to make for your morning breakfast. It requires few ingredients and takes only 10...
healthier bones

How to make your bones healthier?

How to make your bones healthier?  Better care can make your bones healthier than ever. Here are some tips:- • Include plenty of Calcium in your diet Include...
how to clean pc

How to clean your Personal Computer (PC)?

6 EASY METHODS TO CLEAN YOUR PC: Make it faster and more responsive Does your personal computer (PC) takes too much time to open a...

How to get rid of freckles?

Home remedies for freckles Here are the basic home remedies: 1. Lemon Juice:                   Lemon has a natural skin lighting properties that will bleach the dark spots...
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How to tolerate sibling’s offensive behavior, positively?

8 best advise on tolerate sibling’s offensive behavior, positively: Offensive behavior Staying close to siblings may sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Often there will be lots of...

How to take interview?

How to take interview? Interview:- Choose the right candidate for job position in your company: Hiring wrong personnel is a complete headache and waste of company’s...

How to attend an interview successfully?

How to attend an interview successfully? Interview is the starting gateway of your professional life Few things to consider while attending an interview effectively are as...

How to make someone fall in love with you?

love love is the beautiful feelings of the life and the most needy for every living being. You can say any facts that can lead to...
household chores

How to set aside considerable time for your family?

Set aside considerable time for your family: Family member together for happiness. The hectic schedule has continuously rolled up people’s life. Because of work starting from...

How to make new friends?

How to make new friends? Good friends are often hard to find these days. Meeting new people and making new friends seems like an overwhelming...

Health and Fitness

How to identify teenage depression

Biological factors: As brain chemicals are imbalances or impaired, it brings certain change in nerve receptors and systems, resulting in depression. Changes in...


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How to develop a Business Model?

How to develop a Business Model? The same products, services, or technologies can fail or succeed depending on the business model you choose.   Great Business...

How to take interview?


How to earn money ONLINE!!?

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How to start your business ?