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How to keep oneself with nutritious vegetarian diet?


How to keep oneself with nutritious vegetarian diet?

vegetarian dietWant to go vegetarian? Get yourself packed with nutritional vegetarian diet:

Several people around the world are opting to take vegetarian lifestyle. There are several kinds of vegetarians such as: Flexitarian, Pesci-vegetarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, Lacto vegetarian and finally vegans.

To be more specific, this article relates to people opting Lacto-ovo and Lacto vegetarian lifestyle.

People go vegetarian because of various reasons. Some of the motivating factors to move towards this lifestyle are: environment consideration, animal rights and health. Many people also refuse using the products made from animal parts or that which influences animals. These products include tested lotion and make-up products having impact on animals and also woolen, skin and leather.
Vegetarians have lower risk of suffering from heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes. Since, people have to replace the meat product with vegetarian ones; they must be little more attentive to their calcium, fats, protein, iron, zinc, Vitamin D & B12 intake. Right balanced diet lets vegetarian’s lead healthy and fulfilling life.

This article may help you out to balance your diet and keep yourself fit & healthy with vegetarian foods:


Carbohydrates is especially needed for brain and muscles to function well. Grain products are rich source of carbohydrates for your body. It provides the body with fibers, vitamins and minerals needed for your body. Bread, Pasta, Tortillas, quinoa, brown and white rice, white flour are some of those rich source of carbohydrates.



Fats are also important to your body to stay healthy and fit. Many people ignore it because they are suspicious about gaining weight. But, completely eradicating fats from your diet is unhealthy for your body.



Protein is needed to grow the muscles. As vegetarians cut out meat from their diet, they must be aware to replace it with substitutes. Nuts, nuts butter, soy product, dairy products and legumes are rich source of protein for vegetarians. If you are Lacto-ovo vegetarians, consider taking eggs as it is rich in protein that is needed for your body.


Zinc, Iron & Vitamins:

Vegetarians must be alert to take adequate amount of zinc, iron and vitamins.
Zinc is important for growth and immune system. Vegetarians mustn’t find too hard toget adequate amount of zinc.  Breakfast cereals, dairy products, soy products, nuts and legumes are some source of zinc.

Our body absorbs Iron from meat products than that of animal products. Iron is needed for blood. It can be found in beans, seeds, dark leafy vegetables, dry fruits and soybeans.
Vitamin D is essential for strong bones whereas Vitamin B12 is essential for your brain and nervous system to function properly. Foods rich in Vitamin D are: oranges, dairy and soy products, and if you are a Lacto-ovo you can get it from egg yolks. Also, sun is rich source of Vitamin D. For Vitamin B12, take immense of cow milk, fortified soy milk and fortified cereals. Lacto-ovo vegetarians can take egg to get right amount of Vitamin B12.

Color your plate with seasonal fruits and vegetables:

As for vegetarians, you need to replace meat products with non-meat products. So, it is essential you take adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Fill your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure that you take seasonal fruits and veggies to fill your plate and get adequate nutrition.

Many people fall in dilemma that vegetarians do not get adequate nutrition required for their body. But getting trapped under this illogical statement is discouraging if you are opting for vegetarian lifestyle.
Make full meal plans and if required consult your diet plans with dietician. Don’t count on calories but count healthy colors that you add up to your diet. Also, never feel embarrassed to eat more of what you need for your body because remember you are replacing your meat intake with something else.

seasonal fruits

We assure you that following this kind of diet plan can help you to lead healthy vegetarian lifestyle.