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How to take interview?


How to take interview?

Discussing viewpointsInterview:- Choose the right candidate for job position in your company:

Hiring wrong personnel is a complete headache and waste of company’s time and money. Wrong hire adds up no cost budget to your company, wastes time when you are recruiting and training the personnel. Also hiring worst personnel leads to increasing customer complaints, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and ultimately low profitability. Instead of having your company pass through expensive hiring process, here are some tips that you use to make right personnel choice and benefit your organization.

Pre-interview preparation:

Many interviewers makes mistake when it comes to ignore pre-interview preparation process. When you set an appointment with any candidate to take the interview, make sure you know every critical details based on job specification. Know about what must be a ‘good fit’ for the job that you are hiring. Doing research on question format is also essential than just clinging on to generic questions.

Know that interview is a correct platform to get to know as much about candidate that makes your selection part easy.Also, it is important to make sure that you keep your room clean and tidy and free from any disturbances. Choose a silent place in your office. Also make sure you don’t litter things around.

Try to conduct interview which is free from telephone services. Be cautious about every single detail which depletes the rapport that you can establish with the candidate.
Be neatly dressed and appear as sharp as possible.

check resumes

During the interview:

Start an interview by a handshake or warm welcome. Make the candidate feel comfortable. When you start the interview, introduce yourself so that candidate knows who you are.

  1. Commence the interview session with generic question like: ‘How was your day?’ these type of questions builds rapport with the candidate and help the candidate feel at ease.
    Ask behavioral questions to the candidates. These questions includes: ‘How does a candidate handle specific situation’. This type of question answers candidate’s skills and abilities.
    3. Take stress interview: If the job situation might be stressful, you should conduct stress interview with the candidate. This helps you identify how candidate handles stress and whether or not candidate tumbles down if he/she faces these kind of situation in job environment.
    4. As candidate may too have queries and doubts, give them a chance to ask the questions. You also need to be prepared with each and every single detail about your company so that you seem authentic in the eye of candidate. As you too pay buyers role when it comes to choosing right candidate, be prepared to handle questions asked by the candidate.
    5. End the interview: At the end, close with graceful words. Tell candidates about how they will be informed about the result.
    Also close with handshake and leave candidate to the gate.

Other things to be considered:

  1. While taking the interview don’t just use structured question format. Also, ask unstructured questions as the interview follows.
  2. Don’t talk too much: As you interview, give chance for candidates to speak. If you don’t let candidate to express him/her, you won’t be able to extract as much information from candidate as possible.
  3. Don’t let candidate control the interview: Do not be too passive which gives a chance for candidate to conduct the interview.
  4. Take notes: As candidate speaks, take note of those important things that candidate speaks. You also can point down important points as soon as the interview ends and the candidate leave. Since, you don’t forget as soon as the interview ends and it can help you in evaluation process, it is helpful. This will be much more helpful when you proceed on to evaluation process.
  5. If you do not understand what candidate speaks, ask them again or double check what he/she says.
    take notes

Remember that interview is the only platform where interviewer can probe as much about the candidates, to make them easy for evaluation of candidate. Be cautious while you probe anything about candidates. Don’t make the situation too difficult that candidates feel embarrassed during the interview. But, make sure you get all the information that you need.