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How to clean your Personal Computer (PC)?



Make it faster and more responsive

Personal ComputerDoes your personal computer (PC) takes too much time to open a file or often gets hang while using an application? This often happens because your system accumulates unwanted registry entries, errors or clutters.  In this article, we will provide you 6 easy methods to clean your slow performing PC.

Here are some easy methods:-


Run full scan on your computer with your updated antivirus software. Antivirus software basically protects your PC from harmful viruses and unauthorized suspicious files which can affect the overall performance of your PC. It checks as well as detect when any suspicious foreign files are trying to penetrate your PC. Some of the famous antivirus softwares are Norton and Kaspersky.



You can clear up some space on the hard drive by deleting unnecessary files stored in your computer. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to free up memory and boost overall performance. To clear up some space, go to Disk Cleanup in windows. For mac users, go to Applications, click Utilities and click Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt, type in “sudo rm -fr /tmp/*” and hit Enter. The temporary files will be cleared up to free your PC memory.



Delete/Uninstall programs that you don’t use or need anymore.

For Windows: Go to Control Panel in the Settings. Click on Add/remove programs or Uninstall a program. By clicking on it, you uninstall the useless programs that you no longer use.

For Mac: You can just kill unwanted programs by dropping those program files into the Recycle Bin.

REMEMBER: You need to empty your Recycle Bin as well otherwise they will still be on the hard drive and taking up space.

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After clearing up useless programs you can defrag/ defragment your hard drive to compact the remaining data so that your PC can access data effectively. It is a way of speeding your Personal Computer especially in windows. It removes the gaps between packets of data which moves it all closer to the middle of the disc and hence makes easy and quicker access of the hard drive.

For Windows: Click the Start button and select All Programs. Then go to programs and choose System Tools. There, you can select Disk Defragmenter.

For Mac: Macs don’t generally need to be defragged because the Mac OS X file system automatically defragments files on its own. However, if defrag is really needed then you will need to use some third-party software such as iDefrag.



Keep checking your RAM. RAM is a computer’s memory chips to store informations. If it is not enough then your Personal Computer will use your hard drive to store data. This will make PC slow and busy. You can know that RAM is the real problem when your PC becomes slow whenever you start a new application. Go to My computer icon and right click it and then select properties. Read what is said in the ‘General’ tab.



You can download and install a spyware removing program which will track certain information without users’ knowledge.  It is best to delete spyware and other ‘malware’ for both your privacy and health of your PC. You can download anti-spyware software for free and once downloaded, install the program and run it.