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How to Stay Fit without Gym?


How to Stay Fit without Gym?

Are you too busy to do gym? If yes here are some tips that will give you the same result as that of gym.

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle: Make a habit of doing exercise daily. Every morning wake up and go for a walk. You need to walk at least 10000 steps a day to be fit. Walking everyday will prevent you from high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. Also will keep you fit, healthy as well as energetic. Don’t keep sitting all the time. Those people who sit for more than 30 minutes at a place without taking a break in between sufferfrom a chronic back pain.

Eat Healthy Foods: Avoid eating processed foods, and also avoid too much of sugar in your drink. Junk foods does not provide any nutrition instead if consumed willrequire you to perform lots of activities to burn off calories. Make a habit of eating healthy foods only. Make a habit of eating fruits 2 or more than 2 times a day. Fruits have rich fibers that will help you to regulate your digestive system. If you are a non-vegetarian, make sure 50% of your plate is covered by a vegetarian food. And avoid eating heavy meal at a time, instead eat light meals from time to time with short intervals. Also remember to drink plenty of waters. You need to develop a habit to drink at least 8 ounces of water per day.

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Practice Yoga: The best thing about yoga is that you just need your body and a mat. There are tons of yoga tutorials on the internet. Try doing yoga you think would be possible doing alone without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you strictly follow these tips, you will achieve a fit body as that of a gymmer without going to a gym. All you need is some extra efforts and dedication and make these tips your daily life schedule.