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How to tolerate sibling’s offensive behavior, positively?


8 best advise on tolerate sibling’s offensive behavior, positively:

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Staying close to siblings may sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Often there will be lots of shouts, yelling, belittling and tantrums. Dealing with rivalry may be too tough to handle. One should seek ways to deal with these problems positively. These small fights may have negative impact on long-term relationship between siblings.

Here are some tips to deal with rivalry between and amongst siblings:

  1. Face problem differently: Many times, it is found out that psychological state plays an important role when it comes to fight amongst siblings. Getting to know psychological state about offensive sibling is very important. Understand what they feel when they start to show offensive behavior. Calmly talk to them. Ask them questions like why’s and how’s for their behavior (if possible directly otherwise indirectly).
  1. Tell them how they feel: Suggesting, expressing and advising plays an important role when dealing with problem face between siblings. Tell them how you feel towards the problem or offensive behavior of your siblings. This gives you a chance of eliminating further offensive behavior and fights.
  2. Build win-win-situation: Fights/ tantrums are built up amongst siblings because of two different feelings and opinions. So, try to build win-win situation.


win-win situation

For example: You want to go for a movie and your sister wants to go to restaurant. Instead of engaging in fights, discuss and find out the option which both of you agrees on.

  1. Don’t defend: It is not always good to defend your siblings. If nothing seems possible after seeing your sibling’s offensive behavior know that it is your time to walk away. Either you can walk away from this situation or just remain silent so that your sibling is also compelled to remain quite. Doing this helps you prevent further negative situation.
  1. Talk to your parents: After continuously facing similar situation with your sibling, its time you talk to your parents about your offensive sibling. Talking to your parents help you to confront sibling’s problem as well as your rivalry positively. Parents should maintain close relationship with their children.
  1. Stay calm: Staying calm when your sibling shows offensive behavior or keeping your mouth shut when you can’t agree with your sibling is best way to protect both of you from fights. Instead of counter arguing either don’t speak or speak calmly is best.
  2. Maintain close relationship with your siblings: Share good relationship with your siblings. Share everything with your siblings. Talk to them about your activities, work, people you talk to and face in your life. It helps your siblings about your problem and reduces offensive behavior from either of you.
    8. Engage in productive activities together:

Engage in productive activities when you are with your siblings. Instead of wasting your    time backbiting about other, engage in productive works together. If you are doing households, engage your siblings in doing the same work.

Example: Siblings must clean their house together.
Don’t make either one of the sibling to all the works. Be sure that you divide the work among yourself. Many siblings problem arises because only one of you keeps working.


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