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How to attend an interview successfully?


How to attend an interview successfully?

interviewInterview is the starting gateway of your professional life

Few things to consider while attending an interview effectively are as follows:

  1. Do not be late: Reach the interview venue ahead of the time stipulated to you.
  2. Make eye contact: While responding, make sure you make eye contact with everyone in the room.
  3. Listen: Listen and do not interrupt the interviewer when they are asking you a question. If you are unsure about anything, ask them after they are finished with their talking.
  4. Be friendly and smile: Act friendly but do not act too casual and unprofessional. You want to be seen a professional as well as courteous.
  5. Give short answers: Try giving specific answers; don’t waffle around. But no one would like to see you giving a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as an answer.
  6. Stay positive about the company you are attending for an interview: Never say bad things about former or current employers.
  7. Avoid talking too much: Avoid making boastful statements. The interviewer is intelligent enough to find out the interviewee’s intelligence and suitability for the job.
  8. Do not forget to thank the interviewer: Do not forget to thank them for having spared time for you as granting a job interview is indeed a favor.
  9. Do not hesitate to ask: Ask questions to seek clarification regarding the company profile, service, conditions, etc. It will also give an interviewer an idea about your interest in an organization. But only ask it at the end of your interview when you feel you are likely to get the job.

What do employers look in you?

  1. Honesty and Integrity: They expect you to be honest about your experience and achievements.
  2. Good Communication: Be clear and specific about your responses.
  3. A good fit: Employer expects to have an en employee who can fit perfectly with their culture.

Some of the common questions you are probably going to be asked in the interview (along with the answers) are as follows:

  1. Why should we hire you?
  2. If you hire me it will be a great platform to showcase my skills. Whatever goals I set, I expect to fulfill them in a stipulated time.
  1. What was the reason behind you leaving your previous job?
  2. In order to enhance my skill set, I am looking for better opportunities.
  1. Why have you been unemployed for such a long time?
  2. I enrolled myself for some advanced personality development course with some freelance work.
  1. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure?
  2. I keep myself calm and focus on multi tasking while being patient.
  1. What are your expectations from job?
  2. Professional advancement and good future.
  1. Are you a team player?
  2. Yes, the team I have worked with has successfully completed the projects within deadline.
  1. What irritates you about co-workers?
  2. I believe in team work. Even if I find anything irritating, I try to avoid it unless it personally affects me.
  1. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
  2. As long as I feel challenged professionally.
  1. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  2. I see myself in a senior position managing important department of this company.
  1. What is your weakness?
  2. I concentrate on only one thing at a time.
  1. What is your strength?
  2. I am a quick learner and a great team player.
  1. What position do you prefer on a team working in a project?
  2. It doesn’t matter till I learn something new in every project.