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How to set aside considerable time for your family?


Set aside considerable time for your family:

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The hectic schedule has continuously rolled up people’s life. Because of work starting from early morning to late night, people find is difficult to set aside some considerable time for their family.

5 or 10 minutes doesn’t work if you want to maintain healthy family relationship. Perhaps because of heated work schedule, many family relationships just vanish in vain. If no one is to maintain healthy family relationship, be the one to take the initiative. Make sure you maintain good one-to-one relationship between each members of your family as well you try to maintain healthy relationship amongst every family member.

Many households differ in their ways while pertaining to how they maintain healthy family relationship. Here are some general tips to help you maintain good family relationship by setting aside some considerable time with your family.

1. Have dinner together:

In most of the families, dinner is the only meal that every family has together. So, it may be good if you plan on setting aside considerable dinner time where each member of the family can spend quality time together.

family dinner

2. Watch movies or television together:

Watching television or night movies together can be one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family. This may help you know preferences of each family member. Also, it may provide you an opportunity to shape preferences of any of the member of your family.

movie time

3. Free your family members from other activities:

Technology has replaced the way that people live. It is often considered as disturbance when it comes to spend quality time with your family when everyone is together. So, while you are together free yourself from emails, phone calls and social media. Keep your laptops and mobile shut.

4. Do household chores together:

Whether it is cleaning the house or garden or even cooking food or shopping groceries, do things together. This may give you an opportunity for family discussion.

household chores

5.Plan family trip or monthly excursion:

Family trips are the best way to spend quality time with your family. It is also the means of providing refreshment from everyday work and family discussions.

6. Chat with your teen:

After reaching teen age, most of them leave their family and live alone. Make sure you are constantly in contact with them every day. Chat with your teen for at least an hour each day.

7. Leave message:

Sometimes, if you feel you are quite busy and unable to give time to your family, leave them some message. Since, everyone loves surprises, it is best way to remain in contact with them by writing them some note and leaving it where they can see.


8. Give time to your parents when they are old:

When your parents grow old, they too love if you spend some time with them. Set aside a day or two in a week to be with them. Plan for a meal together, go somewhere with your parents; call them as much as possible, ask your children to call their grandparents. Think of giving as much time to them because they were the ones help you grow and make you who you are now.

9. Spend time with your partner:

Apart from spending time with children, partners also need time together. You may be go for a walk together, join gym/yoga classes together, go for romantic dinner date or a movie date. Spend immense of time with your spouse.

couples walk

10. Celebrate family traditions: Don’t miss out important traditions. This is when everyone is together and spends maximum time with each other. It makes you feel happy and lively.

11. Appreciate each family members:

Gifting family members on special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day, Christmas etc. is the best possible way to make members of your family close to each other and happy.