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How to market your business online and achieve double sales?


How to market your business online and achieve double sales?

cover photoMarket your business online and achieve double sales

Many businesses fail because they are persistently unable to market their product. Many business people leave this most important activity because it takes a lot of time influencing people. They then market their product in traditional manner where they only tell their near and dear ones about their product. So, they are unable to sell their product and their cost of producing is high than the sales revenue that they earn from their product. This traditional way of marketing does not apply to current situation.

Now, technology has taken hold of each and every activities of individual. They get to know about the product and buy the product online. Therefore, each business person should broaden the way that they advertise and market their product. There are number of options that they need to use to market the product. Remember, anything doesn’t happen overnight, tenacity and persistence is really important.

Some amazing tips:-

There are several contemporary approaches that you may use to market your product and capture market share:

1) Blogging:

Blogging is quite important when you are in intention to market your product online. Blogs help you to inform people about your product and service. This can be used in initial stage of your business, to make people aware about your product/service.

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Also you can find out influential bloggers from your industry. They can help you promote your business by writing relevant blogs for your business.

2) Develop attractive website:

As every business needs to know about their customers, to develop website too business person needs to know clearly and identify their customers. According to customers preference in the website they can build attractive website. Several things must be included in websites to make it more impelling such as terms & conditions, testimonials, contacts and blogs. Fill your website with relevant images and videos.

3) Be careful about Google Adwords and work on SEO’s:

Know about the keywords that your targeted customer uses while they search for any product/services. Work on SEO’S (Search Engine Optimization), develop the content which is relevant to the keywords that your customers uses while searching for the products and services. Carefully working on SEO’s helps company’s product to appear at the beginning of the searches, this result in more customers to visit the website and result in higher number of sales.

  • Adwords are similar to that of SEO’s in a sense they are pay-per-click advertising. Adwords are the ones in which you pay little amount so that your ads appear above when customer searches for anything relevant to your product in Google. This result in more traffic/clicks to your ads and more visitors & hopefully more sales.
    web SEO chart on blackboard

3) Email marketing:

Email marketing is the one in which you prepare the list of customers along with their profit potential. Then, you send email according to the tiers that you have prepared from customers list. This encourages tailoring e-mail messages according to preferences of customers and results in higher sales.
mail contact

4) Make and build strong social media appearance:

Social media has been very influential when it comes to promoting the product. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr has been influential media to promote any product. Several things to keep in mind when you promote your product in social media are:

  • Share contents continuously and persistently to engage your customers with your brand, whatever way it may be possible.
    Example: through sweepstakes, sales promotion, simple advertisement, customer know-how (how to use your product or other relevant videos).
  • Use of social sharing buttons: Use social sharing buttons to help audiences share your content all around the globe with other audiences. This helps increase awareness of your business with other people around the world.
    Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.
  • Use of visuals and images makes your social media content much more engaging. Try to balance information, visuals and images to make your content informative, engaging and interactive.

5) Appear professional:

Be professional when engaging in comments with your audiences. Reply to your audiences in professional manner and don’t sound rude to your customers. Try to be as authentic as possible when talking to your audiences. People fall in love with people not brand. Humanize your brand as far as possible, train your marketers and salesperson to be as authentic as possible.

6) Collaborate with other business people:

Collaborate with other business people because together two or more business people can come up with most creative and appealing marketing ideas which help them to sell their products online.

7) Register your business in online directories:

Gone are the days when people look phonebooks and newsletters to find best products. Therefore, businesses must register themselves with online directories and apps with little or no cost to increase exposure of their businesses.

8) Make relevant videos:

Make relevant videos to your businesses and post them on YouTube. It helps create increase customer know-how and also increase your company’s awareness amongst targeted customers.


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