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How to take care of a pregnant wife?


How to take care of a pregnant wife?

Main photo-content  Dealing tactfully with feelings of pregnant woman would be the greatest comfort she could experience during her pregnancy.

Things that can help:

1. Be Positive:

Be positive about the Pregnancy. Do not scare the pregnant woman with negative stories, labor pains, and sleepless nights. Always spread positive vibes. Don’t put negative message into her head plant and plant fear. Praise her confidence, and tell her she can do it.

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 2. Massage:

During the third trimester of Pregnancy, she starts experiencing severe pains and discomforts. She is likely to experience joint pains, baby punching her organs, stretching skin. This makes her normal activities extremely difficult. So offer her a massage (right before her bedtime is particularly the best). A foot massage helps to reduce swellings, and back massage will help the blood flowing and lymph system draining.

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3. Educate yourself about pregnancy:

Nothing would be better than educating yourself about pregnancy. Learning about what she is going through and dealing with it tactfully would make her feel she is understood. Understand her physically and emotionally on the basis of what is required for her current situation. Understanding her mood swings, cries over very small matter, wanting more rest and morning sickness is also really crucial during her pregnancy period.

4. Be Affectionate:

Despite of her changing body figure, a pregnant woman still wants to feel she is young and beautiful. Make sure you remind her time and again she is still beautiful. As her partner, shower her with hugs and kisses whenever she needs one. Being sensitive to her feelings can be the best way to be kind to her.


5. Make sure to reduce her stress:

Normally what a mother feels is exactly what her baby experiences. Thus a stressed out mother in her pregnancy will stress her child. Do not burden a pregnant mother with messages that is going to stress her out. Be proactive to solve all her pregnancy problems. If she is to face morning sickness, make sure you are ready with seasickness armband and some ginger pops. Also if she feels uncomfortable while sleeping, make sure you arrange pillows for her. And if you feel she is likely to have troubles cooking, offer her a help. Make sure she is not involved in any stress inducing activity.

6. Accompany her to doctor visits:

Organize your wife’s appointment with the doctor. Early appointment with the doctor means, she is ready for a healthy pregnancy. You will have sufficient time for ultrasounds or any other treatments your wife may need.

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