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It is always difficult to get the perfect tan. There are many things to worry about for example the UV rays, awkward orange colors to avoid and the most important there are tan lines to consider. With the help of the given methods, you can overcome any difficulties and have that perfect looking tan you have always desired.

Method 1: THE SUN

  • Before you prepare to tan yourself, you need to hydrate your skin. Well hydrated skin tans better than dusty, dry skin.

  • If you want that ultraviolet tanning, then nothing is better than the old-fashioned sunshine. You can also make the alternative use of tanning beds if the weather doesn’t permit. However, make sure you do not stay there for long.
  • If you plan on sitting on the beach and get tan for an hour, then you better put SPF 4-15 sunscreen on (based on how fair your complexion is). If you do not use any sunscreen, the UVA and UVB rays can harm your skin and even can get burned. It is better to apply your sunscreen in the shaded area and let it soak for about 20-25 minutes before you jump outside in the sun.

You may also need to reapply the sunscreen if you go swimming as it is not waterproof. Notice: Get out of the sunlight as soon as you notice any redness developing on your skin.

  • The worst thing about getting a tan is the tan lines. Hence, it is more preferable to wear the swimsuit while getting your tan. Wearing the same swimsuits (that you have worn while swimming) will give you a smooth and buttery tan which flows from your skin to bathing suit. It is even better if you skip the swimsuit as well. In that way, you won’t get any tan lines at all.

  • You need to keep on moving to get that great, all-over browning especially the places where sun doesn’t normally shine. Make sure you get even sunlight on your front, back and sides. If you do not prefer to lie around all day to get your tan, you can go jogging as well or even a walk. This will not only increase your sun exposure for tan but also help you to get slim and toned body.
  • Remember: When you are getting tanned, your eyes also get burned. So it is better to either wear a hat or just close your eyes rather than wearing sunglasses.
  • After you have successfully got tanned, make sure to get moisturized. It will keep your skin healthy and prevent it from becoming flaky and dry from the sun rays.


  • If you have fair skin which tends to burn easily, then you better avoid sun tanning or UV tanning beds.
  • You can use products from companies such as L’Oreal, Victoria’s Secret, Neutrogena and others. These products will give you a smooth, even tan. Just apply the lotion or spray evenly as per the given instructions. Make sure to cover your whole body.
  • You can also visit tanning salon and let them do an all-over tan. This will give you professional tan over your entire body in just few minutes.

Notice: Make sure you get your plenty of reviews on the product and service, before you go for it.