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How to take a good care of your Laptop/Computer?


How to take a good care of your Laptop/Computer?

Clean-a-Macbook-Pro-Screen-IntroPhysical Damage is more painful than damage of software to our PC (i.e laptop or desktop)


The following techniques help to ensure that laptop functions properly for longer period of time and requires comparatively lesser maintenance:

1. Avoid liquids near your PC:

Keeping glass containing liquid without any cover near your PC might result in the high risk of it spilling on your PC. Spilled liquid may damage the internal micro electric components or may cause electrical damage. Short circuit can corrupt data or even permanently destroy some parts of the laptop. The prominent solution can be to keep drinks away from the PC. Even if you keep it near your PC, make sure it is tightly covered.


2. Keep food away from your laptop:

Don’t eat near your laptop. The crumbs may fall between the keys and invite small bugs or damage the circuitry. The laptops may also get dirty if the crumbs fall in between.

3. Don’t leave your computer in a room where there are animals:Animals’ fur and hair can get into the internal working and damage your PC.


4. Keep your PC in a clean and dust-free room:

Dust keeps your computer hot. Dust is like insulation, or a blanket. But even with your diligent effort, dust may get inside your PC. You should regularly clean it out with compressed air. Never use rag or cloth to brush it off. Never use cleaning products or other products to clean it out.

5. Always use your PC with clean hands:

Clean hands will reduce the risk of leaving dust and other stains on your PC. Also if you clean your hands before using laptop, you will reduce wear and tear on the coating caused by contact with sweat and small particles that can act upon the laptop’s exterior.

6. Protect the LCD Display monitor:

When you shut your laptop, make sure there are no damaging items such as eraser or earphones on the keyboard. This can damage display screen if the laptop is shut on them. It might also scratch the screen if the item is rough. Also close the lid gently and holding it in the middle. Closing the lid using only one side causes pressure on that hinge and over time can cause it to bend and snap.

7. Hold and lift the computer by its screen rather by its base:

If you lift the screen alone, you might damage the display or even disturb the hinges attaching the display to the base. The display might also be scratched by direct pressure.

8. Be sure to place accessory devices to proper slots:

Always look at the symbols properly before placing accessory devices into the slot. Placing the wrong accessory into the slot might damage it, making it impossible to use it again.

9. Insert the CD/DVD into its slots properly and correct angle:Forcefully placing CD/DVDs into the slot might jam it.

10. Don’t expose your laptop to rapid temperature changes:

When bringing your laptop indoors during winter, don’t turn it on immediately. Instead let it warm to room temperature first. This will avoid potential damage to the disk drive from condensation forming inside the machine.


11. Avoid keeping heavy materials such as books on top of your laptop:

Placing heavy materials on top of your laptop might push the LCD into the keyboard.. Also the CD-ROM insert will be squished, and eventually will break it.