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How to increase Website Ranking?


How to increase Website Ranking?

How to incerase website rankingOnly attractive, content, and blog posts would be less cared about if it is not search engine optimized. You must work out with the process of improving the quantity or quality of traffic to your website. Search engines care about alt tags, file names, keywords and other plenty of tech issues. Some of the tech issues that you must really care about if you want to increase your website ranking are as follows:

1. High quality and unique content:

Content is perceived to be the best optimization. Use unique and high quality content. The text must contain keywords that represent the theme of the entire post. Use keywords in a wise manner. The content must also be understandable to the visitors. Don’t focus your content on search engines; rather focus it for the website visitors.


 2. Exchange back links:

Exchange back links with websites that are more inclined towards your topic. Exchange with high authority websites, and the ones which have high rankings. Also link pages within your website, but very cautiously. Avoid linking irrelevant pages to one another.

3. Name your image files properly:

Avoid using names for image files for instance, dfde123.jpg instead of keyword of specific subject in your content. Google tends to show both image and text in the search result’s page drawing on relevant images contained in post itself which are also linked to the corresponding page. Also do not avoid using the alt tag and title tag for your image files, which also tend to provide high optimization and usability to your website.

4. Use short permalinks:

Use a permalink that is easily understandable. Use abcd.com/entrepreneur/ instead of www.abcd.com/page-id?123. Also keep in mind that search engine is only going to care about first four words of your permalinks completely ignoring the others. So use short but understandable permalinks.

5. Use search engine optimized themes:

Some of the theme use lots of layout and design. The more code you have, the less there will be content and keyword density. Use fast performing themes that is quite necessary for search engine ranking.

search engine optimized themes

6. Create a sitemap in XML format:

With WordPress and plugins likeGoogle XML Sitemaps it is a very easy task.  Google has a variety of other useful tools, too, such as Website Optimizer and Webmaster Central.

sitemap in XML format

7. Try highlighting informative keyword or content:

Highlight the informative content on your website using h1-h6. You may also try using strong tag. But keep in mind that you don’t overdo it.

8. Promote the post to social networks: Try to promote your post but do not yourself. Also promote other posts and websites you like.

9. Don’t Use Black hat techniques:

With Black hat technique, hackers try to illegally increase the website ranking. But you will be caught tricking by Google. Being sneaky will do you harm than better.