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How to get an Hourglass figure?


How to get an Hourglass figure?

Every girl dreams of having a beautiful and curvaceous body. Although our natural body shape is decided by our genetics, no matter what we can achieve the appearance of an hourglass figure, through diet, exercise and wearing the right clothes.


Hourglass figureHere are some moves that will help you achieve an hourglass figure, no matter what your body shape is right now:

1. Side plank:

First lie on your side. And then position yourself on your bottom elbow and side of your foot. After that, lift your hips in the air, form a straight line between your ankles, hips and shoulders. With your weight supported on the elbow and side of the foot, slowly lower your hips to the floor, and return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets with 15 times plank on each set.


Rules for side plank:

  • Do not move your hips back and forth, instead move your hips up and down for effective results.
  • Do not lose the straight line from the your shoulder, hips and ankles,
  • Do not place your grounded elbow high above your shoulder

2. Side plank with leg lift:

It is same as side plank, lie on your side and position yourself on your bottom elbow and side of your foot, lift your hips in the air, forming a straight line from ankles to shoulders, and brace your core. Keep your body stable and then raise your top leg without bending your knee. Do not let your hips drop and then slowly return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets 15 times on each set with 30 seconds on each side.



Rules for side plank with leg lift:

  • Do not allow your hips to drop. Always maintain a straight line from your shoulder to your ankles.
  • Do not let your body move or sway from side-to-side when you raise your leg.

3. Stability Ball Shoulder Bridge:

Lie on your back on a mat with your feet on top of a Swiss ball and your arm outstretched on the floor near your sides with your palm facing down on the mat. Press your palms into the floor and then engage your core to lift your hips up off the ground. Without dropping your butt, use your muscles in your hamstrings and quads to slowly roll the ball in toward your butt until your feet are on top of the ball. Extend your legs to roll the ball back out to the starting position with control. Repeat it without dropping your legs for 15 times.  While performing this exercise you’ll feel it in your, hamstrings, quads and butt.


4. Stability Ball Weighted Pull-Over:

For this exercise you need two dumbbells. Grab two dumbbells and lie face-up on a stability ball with the ball underneath your shoulders, neck, and head. After that bend your knees to form a 90 degree angle, place both feet on the ground about hips-width apart. Keep your hips in line with your shoulders and knees and then square to the ground, place one weight across your pelvic bone, and then use both hands to grab one end of the other dumbbell.

Bring the dumbbell in your hands straight up over your chest. With your elbows, bring the dumbbell up over your head and lower it to the floor as far as you can without touching. After that engage your shoulders, chest, and triceps to bring the weight back over your chest. And keep repeating it.  While you perform this exercise, you’ll feel it in your core, chest, triceps, upper back, legs and butt.

ball weight pull over5. Windshield wiper abs:

Sit on your mat with your legs outstretched and your forearms on the mat behind you with your fingertips facing your butt. Your shoulder should be stacked directly over the elbows. From this position, engage your core as you point your toes and lift both legs straight up. Without letting your hip bones come up off the mat, bring both your feet directly out to the right. Then bring them up back to center, and then to the left again. Bring both legs back to center and come back to your normal position. Keep repeating this exercise for 10 to 15 times. While performing this exercise, you will feel it in your abs and oblique.