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How to lose weight?


How to lose weight?

loose weight

“Clean Eating & exercising”

Obesity is critical problem these days throughout the world. The busy and hectic schedule makes it much easier for people to crunch on some ‘processed food’ or even ‘fast food’ which is nearby to their workplace/schools/universities. People even drive past their gym/yoga classes. People also laze around and take a vehicle instead of walking or cycling, though they just have to reach few kilometers apart.  Thus, at the end they are often furious and start complaining about adding up some weight on their body.

There are just few tips that can help you losing your weight:

  • Clean eating:

Instead of constantly crunching on processed food, try on taking healthy and nutritious diet (added no preservatives and no extra calories). Try on taking fresh fruits and vegetable or any kinds of nutritious home-made food wherever you go.
Clean eating

  • Understand your body:

Many of us gobble on foods out of habit. Understand what your body is asking and choose the right portion that you need to eat at that particular point of time based on your work activity.

  • Say ‘no to Carbonated drinks and Soda’:

Soda & Carbonated drink refined sugar and artificial sweeteners which results in weight gain.

  • Snack regularly:

Eat every 2-3 hours but eat in small portion. Instead of snacking on chips or any processed food try to take whole grains (nuts), fibers (fruits and vegetables) to keep you satisfied in a healthy way for longer time. Many people try skipping carbohydrates and fats when they are aiming to lose weight. But it is bad. Instead take balanced amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein to lose weight in healthy manner.

Healthy snacking

  • Get immense of sleep and keep your stress low:

Lack of proper sleep and high stress levels disturbs your hormone which demands more of unhealthy foods.

  • Exercise regularly:

Exercise at least 5 days a week. Do whatever you love to do. Join gym classes, go to yoga classes, and focus on walking. Often cycling with friends and going for hiking/trekking helps you remain fit & healthy. If you think you are obese, its time you knuckle down and do some workout.

  • Avoid propagandas focusing on sugar free products. These product contains extra ingredients needed to form the whole product which adds up extra calories to your body.
  • Drink immense of water:

Water helps to keep you fulfilling. Seldom people confuse their thirst with hunger. Thus, they take something to eat which leaves them unsatisfied when their body is asking them for some water. Water also helps in detoxifying your body. If you hate drinking regular water add some natural flavors to it.

Flavored water

Finally, don’t forget to keep health diary. Constantly check your weight and record it in your journal. Also keep journal of foods that you eat and exercise that you are committed to. This helps you keep yourself in track and help you lose weight as well as remain fit.

Here is an example to make flavored water: